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I gonna teach you how to train your puppy

Ths article ‘how train your puppy‘ is based on my experience as a pet owner running a pet service for 4 years. All my life I have been around animals. When I was 16 I took riding lessons and participated in horse shows. I’ve had dogs,cats,fish and even a bunny. I ran a pet service from ’96-2000 in NY, USA where I pet sat, did some light boarding, basic grooming(wash, blow dry, clipped nails, cleaned ears, eyes, teeth, combed hair, trimmed it too). Currently have a pit bull.

How to train your puppy in six chapters

how to train your puppyThat’s enough about me. Back to ‘how to train your puppy‘. First I’d say make sure you get right dog for you and your life style. Don’t get a big dog if live in a small apt. Also don’t get a young dog that will pull you off yor feet if elderly. You also need to ask your self ‘will I walk this dog 3-4 times a day in all kinds of weather whether I want to or not?’ If the answer is yes then proceed.

Are you concerned about hair getting on your clothes and furniture? If yes then a long haired dog is not a good choice. A dog that doesn’t shed would be a wise choice. Are all family members,room mates ok with new dog? Do you work long hours? Do you travel often?(will need a pet sitter) Do you have small children? If yes then I’d say get a dog with a very easy going temperment and not a doberman pincher, rotweiller, pit bull, akita, or chow chow as they won’t like it when little ‘Joey’ is pulling on his tail and will take a nip out of him. If you have children 13 and up, then a pit bull is fine as if they get jumped on they won’t get hurt.

Having a pet is a responsibility.  Hoo to get more infos? Don’t get one because are lonely, a friend can’t keep dog has as moving to place that won’t allow pets. Don’t sneak pup in as landlord will find out as one of your neighbors will talk. Make sure your situation is stable and job is not in jeapardy. Make sure you have the money to plunk $200 at the vet’s office yearly. Remember to see pup gets all his shots. Don’t be impulsive. You may not realize it but bringing pet in home is a big decision.

The most important part of how to train your puppy

Next chapter of ‘how to train your puppy‘ deals with pet care basics. Buy quality puppy food. Comb and bathe dog often. Clip nails eery 6-8 weeks. Take time for onon one time daily, petting,speking tpup,playing with him. If don’t have time, why have one? Keep fresh water down at all times.Remember to get a collar asap with your address and number on it. Watch under your legs so don’t fall over pup or watch when open door that he doesn’t dart out into street and get hit by car or run off. Get him spayed and neutered after 6 months if don’t plan on a litter of pups. Shelters are loaded with unwanted dogs euthanized daily. Don’t add to the statistic. Also male dogs are more prone to running away to mate if not neutered.

how to train your puppyOk, now your ready to learn how to train your puppy. At first, you need to get pup house broken. It is best to keep the pup in a room like the kichen with a tile floor and a gate if he has an accident, as will be easy to clean up. He won’t be lonely as kitchen is the most used room in the house. Get a bed for ‘Fido that can be tossed in the wash as puppies are great for throwing up, peeing, pooping, drooling all over everything. They sure smell good and are awfully cute so that helps. Usually people put newspaper down so if pup has an accident in between walks, he pees on paper. You need to take the dog out several times a day in front of the house or ithe back as soon as you see he’s going so doesn’t get in habit of going in home. Don’t yell. Just say ‘no’ and carry him out if have to. It is a good idea to bring the newspaper with the poo and pee on it outside and cover it with just a little dirt so when pup goes out he will smell his own scent so he knows what to do out side. Sometimes when out he will naturally go. Then you say ‘good dog’. Puppy can sleep in kitchen at night too but leave a radio on so hears a human voice or wll whine all night.

Fourth chapter on ‘how to train your puppy‘ deals with pet proofing your home. Puppies are notorious chewers as gums hurt as teeth are coming in. Also can be bored so make sure buy toys that can chew but not swallow and choke on. This will keep him entertained. Pups chew everything like electrical wires,remote controls,cigarette lighters,pens, pencils, stuffed animals,etc. You name it. You need to keep things value up high and cords behiind tv. If going to be out long put pup in kitchen or crate. Don’t leave bone unattended as may choke. If pup is quiet, it means he’s into something. Expect your toilet paper to be be pulled across the room if don’t close the door. Few advanced tricks for little dogs.

Fifth chapter on ‘how to train your puppy‘ deals with how to hold the lead correctly,lead choices, how to walk with dog and commands: down, heel, sit,stay,come here. These commands are most important as could save pup’s life. Pups get excited when people come over or are saying ‘goo goo ga ga’ voices to them. They may jump up on them as want to be as close as possible to them. While it might be cute when a pup, be rest assured when your St. Bernard is full grown they won’t be laughing anymore. People who are afraid of dogs due thow to train your puppyo being bitten in the past will be especially alarmed if a strange dog jumps on them. When walking dog, keep him close to you. Also if home and vistors come over, say ‘down’ in a firm voice if he jumps up. Pull him by collar away from them into kitchen with gate and less stimulation. Often food is being served and that is what are smelling as see world throgh their noses.

Last but not least chapter

Sixth chapter of ‘how to train your puppy‘ continues with the lead. The loop of lead is put through your thumb. A ‘halti’ is good at first as has a piece of metal kept under his chin. If he pulls, you pull up on it. (when dog is bigger, a choke chain may have to be used with a large spirited dog.) Dog stays beside you when walk not ahead or behind. Say ‘heel’ firmly if pulls but don’t scream.

Want to let him know you’re the alpha dog,in control . Next say ‘sit’ pushing down on his butt. Say stay with hand in front of his face while walking backward then ‘come here’ smacking your legs bending over a bit. in a happy not excited or begging voice. Say ‘good dog’ after does what you say. Repeat these exercises daily until knows what you expect. If do this, will have a dog that ‘fits in’ with his new family. Be patient. In time you’ll get the hang of it. Best to teach him alone in quiet environs. (Used he for pup here as didn’t want to say he/she.) Sorry girls!

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