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Hi, my name is William and I am founder of Dogtricksceo.com. I am in the age of 29. What can I tell you about my person? Well, as you can recognize I really love all kind of animals and I treat them like people because they are live beings too. From the whole live species I especially love dogs. Why? Because they are our best friends.

I remember when I got my first puppy, I was 8 years old boy and my golden retriever was called Fluffy. He was very smart dog and during first few months I taught Fluffy how to sit, how to give me a paw and how to bark when I say so. My parents didn’t know how to train dog but I knew, deeply in my mind I understood Fluffy and he understood me. When I was 15, and Fluffy was 7 years old he knew many dog tricks like “dead dog” and much more. I was training a puppy of my neighbours. They were so surprised that I know things such like this. After I reach my adult age I went to the university. I studied many interesting sciences connecting with animal psychology, but to be honest I knew everything from my past.

How can I help you? Well, I can how to train your dogs, I can give you some tricks to teach your dog everything. My mission is to help other people to learn how to train a dog. In my opinion it is very easy, but the most important is that you have to… listen your dog.

How to train a puppy?

First of all, your puppy have to know who is the boss. If you give them straight task and your attitude to them will be the always the same, then you will teach them whatever you want.

How to train your puppy – Excercises

Learn your dog listening you, while you give him orders. Give him rewards and punishments, but remember do not ever shout or beat dog!

If you want to know more interesting things about Dog Tricks then just

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