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Excel 2013 Accounting Tricks for Excel CPE Credit at Poodle Dog Restaurant (50 Examples)

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Tips in this video:
1. (00:01) Introduction
2. (01:27) Keyboards
Ctrl + Arrow : Jump end of Current Region
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow : Highlight to end of Current Region
Currency Number Format: Ctrl + Shift + 4
Ctrl + * (Different than Ctrl + A if recording Macro)
Alt + = : SUM function
Ctrl + Backspace : Jumps back to Active Cell
Shift + Enter : When in Edit Mode, put content in cell select cell Above
Ctrl + Enter : When in Edit Mode, put content in cell and keep cell selected
Ctrl + 1 : opens Format Cell dialog Box
Ctrl + Z : Undo
11. (05:50) General Number Formatting
12. (08:16) Date Number Formatting and Date Math
13. (10:15) Time Number Formatting and Time Math
14. (13:31) Formula Example 1-2: Excel’s Golden Rule
Excel's Golden Rule: If formula input data can change, put it in cell and refer to it with cell references.
If data will not change, you can hard code it into formula.
AND always label formula elements and the cells with the calculations
16. (17:09) Formula Example 3: COUNTIFS for counting with 1 or more criteria
17. (18:42) Formula Example 4-5: Text Formulas using RIGHT function and Join Symbol, Ampersand
19. (20:35) Formula Example 6-7: Logical formula and IF Function
20. (23:23) Formula Example 8: VLOOKUP, Exact Match Example
21. (27:02) Formula Example 9: Range Functions
22. (28:27) Formula Example 10: Array Formula to add 3 largest sales
23. (30:55) Formula Example 11: 3 Formulas to calculate Average Compounding Rate, including the New Excel 2013 RRI function
26. (37:25) Lookup Functions Example 1-3: VLOOKUP, Exact Match and Approximate Match
29. (41:49) Lookup Functions Example 4-6: VLOOKUP and MATCH function to automate the column index argument in VLOOKUP
32. (46:29) Lookup Functions Example 7-8: INDEX and MATCH functions to do lookups that VLOOKUP can not do, like: Look Up Left.
33. (51:04) Overview of PivotTables
34. (52:53) PivotTable Example 1: Cross tabulated Table
35. (55:04) PivotTable Example 2: Copy PivotTable and Show Values As % of Grand Total
36. (55:58) PivotTable Example 3: Group Months and Dates and add Sales
37. (57:34) PivotTable Example 4: Show Values As: Difference from and % Difference From for Year Over Year change
38. (01:00:01) PivotTable Example 5: Group Sales into Sales Categories and count sales in each category
39. (01:04:19) PivotTable Example 6: Slicers
40. (01:06:43) Flash Fill: five examples of text manipulation such as extracting text, splitting extat and joining text
45. (01:10:35) Charting in Excel 2013 and the new Green Plus Button and Task Panes
46. (01:11:36) Create PivotTable to group Bond Ratings, Create Histogram Chart, and change column width to zero
49. (01:16:28) Create X-Y Scatter for Market Value and Bond Rating
50. (01:18:55) Summary

Excel 2013 Accounting Tricks for Excel CPE Credit at Poodle Dog Restaurant, April 22, 2015

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